Interdisziplinärer Workshop Muskel- und Gelenkschmerzen

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Treatment of Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS)

International Conference on Controversies in Neuropathic Pain
23 – 24 October 2019, Munich

Neuropathic pain is a common and disabling condition. Chaired by Prof. Nanna Brix Finnerup, Denmark, the aim of this conference is to provide a platform for discussions of controversial and burning issues in the field of neuropathic pain to bridge this gap. There will be ample time for discussions between speakers and delegates.

Özlem Ataman-Hammond MD, PhD and medical advisor of Matrix Rhythm Therapy UK was accepted for a poster presentation of the Case Study: Successful treatment of Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS) with Matrix Rhythm Therapy (MaRhyThe ®) non-invasive mechano-magnetical approach (Abstract PDF)  The conference attendees – medical professionals, researchers, treatment experts, industry leaders and other experts – are viewing her poster presentation with keen interest because forty percent of patients who had one or more spinal surgical approaches (FBSS) continue to experience lower back and radicular pain. (weiterlesen…)

Lymphatisches System, Rhythmik und Zirkulation

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Matrix Rhythm Therapy and the Lymphatic System

von Dr. med. Ulrich Randoll und Prof. Dr. rer. nat. med. habil. Rainer Breul

The importance of the lymphatic system for every aspect of health and disease

Alongside the cardiovascular system and the nervous system, the lymphatic system is an essential component of the body’s basic infrastructure. Its functions include removal, processing and recycling of waste materials, drainage of excess fluids, housing and transporting immune cells and serving as a key channel of communication within the immune system.

The well-being of every cell in the body depends on it, directly or indirectly. Not surprisingly, chronic diseases and conditions are most frequently—if not always—associated with malfunctions of the lymphatic system.

Restoring and maintaining a well-functioning lymphatic system must be a priority in any strategy for the treatment of chronic illnesses. Here the Matrix Rhythm Therapy provides one of the most powerful tools.

Why? (weiterlesen…)

Matrix Workshop Izmir 2019

It’s that time again – a week of intensive workshops and exchange of experiences with other practical matrix rhythm therapists, basic researchers and clinicians.

From May 25, 2019 to June 01, 2019 in Izmir / Turkey

The motto of the workshop: Relax in the spring

The participants’ desired and specific diagnoses of their therapy are reflected on cell biological regulation and linked to the systemic matrix concept. After developing the therapy strategy, the practical implementation takes place under guidance.

Here you will find the program and details about participation and travel information. (PDF)


Neuer Film: 20. Internationaler Matrix-Workshop

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5th International Conference of Physical Therapy

8th – 12th December 2016 – organized by Department of Anaesthesiology, Pain Medicine and Critical Care, held at JLN auditorium AIIMS (All India Institut of Medical Sciences), New Delhi

Dr. Meenakshi Pandit, Dr. Ulrich Randoll and Dr. Sandeep Bhagwat answered questions of therapists and doctors

Dr. Meenakshi Pandit, Dr. Ulrich Randoll and Dr. Sandeep Bhagwat answered questions of therapists and doctors

The theme of this year conference „Physiotherapy Nurturing Globally in Modern Era“ identifies and signifies recent advances in physiotherapeutic systems with clinical practice, science and research in modern era across the globe. (weiterlesen…)

East meets West – Treatment of chronic Illnesses

journal-of-the-science-jshoMatrix Rhythm Therapy and Yoga share common principles. Both place self-healing in the center of their therapeutic attention. Both emphazise the holistic nature, the balanced state, rhythm and vibrations. Please find out more about it in the newest publication “East meets West – Treatment of Chronic Illnesses” (weiterlesen…)

Spiraldynamik® und ihr Link zur Matrix-Rhythmus-Therapie

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Lebensstilmedizin in Theorie und Praxis

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