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In addition to training courses and workshops you can learn more about the Matrix Concept at the following events:

Academic Events 2022:

Academic Events 2021:

Academic Events 2020:

Academic Events 2019:

  • Therapy Expo – Conference 2019, NEC Birmingham/England, Preparation of skeletal muscles for the training using Matrix Rhythm Therapy, Speaker: Dr. Ulrich Randoll, 27. November 2019, 09:55-10:25
  • Neuropathic Pain2019 – The International Conference on Controversies in Neuropathic Pain, 23-24 October 2019, Munich, Poster-Presentation: A Case report of successful treatment of failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS) using Matrix Rhythm Therapy – MaRhyThe – a non-invasive vibrational mechano-magnetical approach, Özlem Hammond MD PhD
  • Internationaler Congress Magnetic Therapy and Frequency Medicine, 23.03. and 24.03.2019, Izmir, Turkey, University Dokuz Eylül in cooperation with Society for Applied Energy Medicine, Lecture Dr. Ulrich Randoll, “Matrix Concept” (23.03.19), “Frequency-oriented medicines – Research activities at Dr Randoll Institute” (24.03.19), Basic Seminar Matrix Rhythm Therapy, 25.03.2019, Izmir, Türkei, Dr. Ulrich Randoll, Op. Dr. Mustafa Ersin
  • 38. International Symposium for Oral- and Maxillofacial Surgery, Dentists and Orthodontists10.02.2019, St. Anton, Arlberg, Österreich, Dr. Ulrich Randoll “Matrix Rhythm Therapy in dental practice”
  • 57th IAP annual conference, Bangalore, India, 02.02.2019, Dr. Ulrich Randoll “Preparation of Skeletar Muscles for the training using Matrix Rhythm Therapy”
  • Advanced Workshop on Matrix Rhythm Therapy, 26th and 27th January 2019, Pune, India with Dr. Ulrich Randoll, Dr. Sandeep Bhagwat, Dr. Aarti Prasad, Dr. Meenakshi Pandit, Dr. Varun Naik a.o.
  • Hands-on-Workhop Matrix Rhythm Therapy, 22nd and 23rd January 2019, Belgavi, India, KLEU Academy of Higher Education and Research, KAHER Institute of Physiotherapy, Dr. Ulrich Randoll, Dr. Prabhakar, Dr. Basavaraj Motimath, Dr. Varun Naik, Dr. Prashant Naik, Dr. Meenakshi Altre Pandit

Academic Events 2018:

  • Lecture: Perioperative management of tetraplegic and paraplegic patients, ISMISS 2018 – International 36th Course for Percutaneous Endoscopic Spinal Surgery and Complementary Minimal Invasive Techniques, Zweibrücken, Germany, 07.-08. September 2018 (Programm ISMISS 2018, PDF)
  • Kongress and Workshop, Matrix Rhythm Therapy in Neurorehabilitation in Turkey, Scientific Research, Pamukkale University School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Denizli, Turkey, 01.-06. April 2018
  • Neurologische Physiotherapie und Rehabilitationskogress (Nörolojik Fizyoterapie ve Rehabilitasyon Kongresi), Dokuz Eylül Universität, Izmir, Turkey, 29.-31. März 2018 (Kongress Programm)
  • Basic Trainings & Workshops by MaRhyThe Systems
  • 37. Internationales Symposium für MKG-Chirurgen, Oralchirurgen, Zahnärzte & Kieferorthopäden, St. Anton Arlberg, mit vier Beiträgen zur Matrix-Rhythmus-Therapie:
      • 03. Februar 2018 – Workshop mit Dr. Randoll “Von der Zahnmedizin zur Medizin und Prävention basierend auf Systembiologie”
      • 04. Februar 2018 – Vortrag Dr. med. dent. Thomas Weidenbeck “Neue Wege in der Periimplantitis-Therapie”
      • 09. Februar 2018 – Vortrag Zahnärztin Madline Gund “Matrix-Therapie beim Therapie-refraktären CMD-Patienten”
      • 09. Februar 2018 – Vortrag Dr. Randoll “Matrix-Rhythmus-Therapie bei mikrozirkulationsbedingten Störungen in der ZMKH (z.B. CMD, TMJ). Ein systembiologischer Therapieansatz auf zellulärer Ebene”

    Programm (PDF) – Beiträge mit Matrix-Rhythmus-Therapie markiert / Kongressinformationen auf der Kongress-Homepage

Academic Events 2017:

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