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Matrix Rhythm Therapy

Knowledge, Philosophy and Practice of Resonance Based Medicine

Dr. Ulrich Randoll


Matrix Rhythm Therapy and the Lymphatic System

von Dr. med. Ulrich Randoll und Prof. Dr. rer. nat. med. habil. Rainer Breul

The importance of the lymphatic system for every aspect of health and disease

Alongside the cardiovascular system and the nervous system, the lymphatic system is an essential component of the body’s basic infrastructure. Its functions include removal, processing and recycling of waste materials, drainage of excess fluids, housing and transporting immune cells and serving as a key channel of communication within the immune system.

The well-being of every cell in the body depends on it, directly or indirectly. Not surprisingly, chronic diseases and conditions are most frequently—if not always—associated with malfunctions of the lymphatic system.

Restoring and maintaining a well-functioning lymphatic system must be a priority in any strategy for the treatment of chronic illnesses. Here the Matrix Rhythm Therapy provides one of the most powerful tools.

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19th International Matrix Workshop

Systemic Medicine Through Cell-Biological Regulation on the Basis of the Matrix Concept

This booklet contains a summary of the 19th International Matrix Workshop, and interviews with all the speakers.

The Matrix Concept

Das Buch zum Matrix-Konzept

Fundamentals of Matrix Rhythm Therapy
by  Dr. med. Ulrich G. Randoll
2014 (weiterlesen…)

The Principles of Matrix Rhythm Therapy – MaRhyThe

The first publication of the Dr. Randoll Institute: The Principles of Matrix Rhythm Therapy – MaRhyThe

The 32-page booklet presents the development of Matrix Rhythm Therapy from its beginnings in university research to its application in therapeutic practice. First-hand accounts are provided from therapists and patients (weiterlesen…)