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Interview with Dr. Anushree Phansalkar about her expriences

Dr. Anushree Phansalkar is a practising physiotherapist of Shree clinik in Pune, India. She was first introduced to Matrix Rhythm Therapy in 2011 where she first met Dr. Ulrich Randoll at a physiotherapy conference. But it was a own personal problem which made her completly believe in the Matrix Concept.


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2013 she was immobilized with shoulder problems for six weeks. Then she got Matrix Rhythm Therapy treatment from Dr. Sandeep Bhagwat once a week. She was completely surprised that after each treatment she had no pain and no restriction of movement.

Since then she is treating her patients with Matrix Rhythm Therapy. Whether it is low back pain or shoulder injuries, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis or any other orthopaedic cases. Her patients give her also feedback that they have a decrease in their sugar level, for her a sign that Matrix is working systemically. Dr. Anushree Phansalkar has observed also that in sport cases, when patient come to her for prevention excersises, their performance on the events improve a lot. This is also to be said about wound healing – where she sees a better result.

At International Matrix Congress 2019 in Ilicia, Turkey she was one of the lecturer. In her talk she showed cases of her clinical experiences with Matrix Rhythm Therapy.