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Current Research

EvaluationsbogenPresently the research and documentation activities of the Dr. Randoll Institute are focused on the following themes (see below). Are you a physician, therapist, scientist? Do you have experience in one of the following areas? Are you currently engaged on research/treatment in one of these areas? Then contact us and participate in our work!

The Treatment of Diabetic Polyneuropathy Using Matrix Rhythm Therapy

Are you active in this area? We are interested in case histories for a long-term study.
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The Effect of Heat on the Cellular Environment

Are you active in this area? You are invited to participate!
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Applications of Matrix Rhythm Therapy in Dental Medicine and Orthodontics

We are looking for dentists and orthodontists in preparation of a new booklet on the subject, “Applications of Matrix Rhythm Therapy in Dental Medicine”
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Other Current Research Projects and Areas of Scientific Cooperation:

  • Occupational medicine, health management in companies (study together with a DAX-listed corporation).
  • International research activities — including in India, on the topic “Bangalore – World Capital of Diabetes” and the treatment of open wounds in diabetics
  • Systemic approaches to therapy in traditional European medicine (Kneipp therapy, Thalassotherapy, climatotherapy, peloid therapy)