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Efficacy of matrix rhythm therapy (MaRhyThe) in venous ulcer healing: a case study

Author: Harish Kumar Rajendran, Physiotherapist, Head of the department, Sai Healthcare Foundation, Chennai, India


Introduction: Venous Ulcers are due to abnormal vein function. People may inherit a tendency for abnormal vein. Common causes of damaged veins include blood clots, injury, ageing and obesity. This is one of the common problems for professionals who are standing by nature. Symptoms include swelling, aching and tiredness
in the legs. Usually a red, irritated skin rash develops into a open wound. Matrix Rhythm Therapy (MaRhyThe) is a recent clinical modality, which works on cell biology and gives good results in pain management and restriction of movements.
intervention: Matrix Rhythm Therapy was applied on posterior aspect of leg region extending around the wound are once a week for 8 weeks with treatment duration of 60 minutes.
Result: Pain of the subject after 8 session was 0 at rest and 2 while walking on the basis of VAS. Wound size is length 8 cm and breadth 7 cm and 2 mm dept and categorized as Type A grade 1 which completely healed with healthy scar. The photographic evidence is suggestive considerable healing of venous ulcers are noted between
each session of matrix rhythm therapy (MaRhyThe).
Conclusion: Study concludes that Matrix rhythm therapy (MaRhyThe) could be considered as adjunct in wound
healing of venous ulcers.

To see or download the whole study: Effect of Matrix Rhythm Therapy in Venous Ulcer Healing: A case report

International Journal of Physiotherapy and Research, Int J Physiother Res 2021, Vol 9(5):4040-43