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24th International Matrix Workshop


Workshop Teilnehmer in Izmir
In front of Izmir’s landmark: the Saaf Kulesi clock tower

The 24th International Matrix Workshop took place in picturesque Ilica/Cesme on the Again Sea in Turkey this year.

The combination of daily Matrix Rhythm therapy, Thalasso therapy (sea water therapy), warm sea water, morning Yoga on the beach coupled with an exquisite Aegean cuisine – offered by a first class Bio Hotel – once again was in complete harmony with Dr Randoll’s systemic regeneration concept.

Matrixmobil alpha synchronizer in der Türkei
Elegantly packed: the new, cableless “Matrix Alpha Synchronizer” presented at the workshop in Turkey for the first time.
Übungen zur Morgenstunde
Every morning began with Yoga or spiral-dynamic exercises on the beach.  
Ulrich Randoll, Sema Randoll und der Gastgeber Dr. Mustafa Ersin
Dr Ulrich Randoll, Sema Randoll and the host Dr Mustafa Ersin

Forty participants from India, Turkey, Austria, Switzerland and Germany were present onsite. The advanced training lectures dealt with the Matrix concept from a Turkish traditional healing perspective and with the Matrix Rhythm Therapy itself.

Dr Randoll organized the five training days reflecting different topics. Case studies were presented for each topic, their aetiology-pathogenesis discussed and the practical therapeutic access jointly developed. Participants shared their experience, acquired in part during their 10 years of practice. The case study presentations from India were particularly striking.

It was exciting to see how results from Matrix Rhythm Therapy – which go deep into surgical, orthopedic and neurologic themes – have been achieved given proper application and understanding of the physiological Matrix concept. The results also impressed experts in the fields of radio-oncology, jaw surgery, parodontology and orthopedics present at the workshop.

Anil Deshpande - Mit Tochter Siddhi
Anil Deshpande from Mumbai, here with daughter Siddhi, introduced the delegates from India. He rightly called “The Matrix  Rhythm Therapy” the “missing link” in physiotherapy. He underlined that the Matrixmobil is a synchronizer and not a vibrator.“
Dr Harish Kumar from Chennai used the lecture time for self-treatment. His presentation dealt with the sensational results achieved in the treatment of large, open wounds as well as chronic arthropathies with massiv limitation of movement which had persisted over several years.
Meenakshi Pandit
Dr Meenakshi Pandit from Pune presented her neurological cases. Her study about the evidence of the influence of the Matrix Rythm Therapy on the sympatho-vagale balance through measurements of the alpha waves, will be published this year. She said that since 2013, when she treated her first patient successfully, she has cured 12.000 patients.
Rajeswari Murugesh
Dr Rajeswari Murugesh from Bangalore showed a case about the healing effects obtained from the Matrix Rhythm Therapy treating acute pancreatitis after a Covid 19 illness.  
Anil Deshpande Mustafa Ersin
Former surgeon Dr Mustafa Ersin from Izmir (on the right), the host from Turkey, introduced one of his patients. She talked about how the Matrix Rhythm Therapy helped in overcoming her pains and also changed her attitude in relation to relaxation and self-care (on the left in the picture, Anil Deshpande from Mumbai, main representative of the Matrix Rhythm Therapy in India, in action.)
Varun Naik
Dr Varun Naik, professor at the KAHER Institute for Physiotherapy in Karnataka, India, talked about his impressive cases, dealing with different indications, which he took care of with his students.
Taken in the break following Dr Varun Naik’s lecture: 9 publications dealing with the therapeutic evidence of Matrix Rhythm Therapy treatments. As single case Dr Naik presented a heavily injured patient with initially infaust outlook. After 6 months of intensive therapy the patient regained his mobility, could walk freely and also continue with his work. From left to right: Dr Pavan Joshi, Dr Varun Naik, Dr Ulrich Randoll and Dr Harish Kumar.  
Pavan Joshi
Dr Pavan Joshi from Chikodi, Karnataka, presented 40 successfully treated cases from his hospital, among other a long-lasting, chronically persisting cervical radiculopathy.
Siddhi Omkar Raje, Anil Deshpande’s daughter, introduces herself: she is a typical “Matrix-child” who since her early childhood has taken part in every Matrix Congress in India. As a TCM therapist she lectured about the common aspects of MaRhyThe with traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda. On these grounds she has developed her ideas for a systemic medicine of the future. (From left to right: Sema Randoll, contact point for participants in resolving any of their issues during the entire workshop. Siddhi Omkar Raje and Dr Ulrich Randoll) 
Dr. Erhan Gökdag
Dr Erhan Gökdag, veterinary from Izmir, showed his astonishing cases about spinal cord disorders in dogs and cats.  
Gabriele Woschek
Gabriele Woschek, therapist from Karlsruhe, Germany, presented a case of paraplegia in an injured high performance sportswoman.

Practical workshops took place on the specific topographical aspects of the body in the afternoons. Participants could mutually practice the systemic therapeutic approach of the Matrix Rhythm Therapy. Indications were discussed, in particular prevailing process disturbances, which are causal for disease development. By mutually practicing feel and sense the theory conveyed in the morning was put into practice.

In the evenings individual groups ventured to Cesme and Alacati for strolling and dining. Fish-restaurants at the harbor as well as small family operated shops showed their best every evening to curious passers-by. 

A Gala-dinner announced on the last day crowned the workshop. The venue was a special place in Urla: the Kostem Zeyntinyagi Muzesi, the worldwide oldest and largest olive oil museum. A festive table was set for us after there, following a tour that covered 3000 years of olive oil production. Turkish specialities cooked from biologically grown produce from a farm nearby, a rarity today, were served for dinner.

The festive table at the Kostem Zeyntinyagi Muzesi, the oldest olive oil museum in the world, and its attached restaurant conjured a spectacular atmosphere.
Dr Randoll hält eine Rede
In his speech Dr Randoll thanked all participants, speakers and contributing staff. A big “Thank you” was expressed to the Indian delegation who travelled from afar to participate in the workshop. Dr Randoll gave special appreciation to all local organizations and people whose support helped make the workshop a success: Dr Mustafa Ersin, Sema Randoll, Zeynep Tunç, Petra Winter and Maria Froetschel.

The workshop ended on Friday with an extensive tour of Izmir’s historic sites such as the Saaf Kulesi the landmark clock tower, the busy Kemeralti Basar and the impressive Agora ruins of Smyrna. A tour of the Basar with all its delicacies and traditions was not allowed to be missing.

Workshop Teilnehmer in Izmir
In front of Izmir’s landmark: the Saaf Kulesi clock tower.

This year too, the international collaboration bringing people together has been a great success. Addresses were exchanged and new friendships saw the light of day. Recovered, the minds filled with new ideas, inspired by the traditions of Turkey, we have travelled full of vim and vigor home again.

We are looking very much forward to the 25th International Matrix Workshop which is scheduled to take place November/December 2023 in Goa, India.