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Therapy for the matrix


Many illnesses – for example diabetes mellitus, chronic pain, diseases of the  musculoskeletal system  — can be explained in terms of a derailment of cell processes and their extracellular environment. It makes sense, on this biological background, to apply a multilayered approach to the therapy of complex systems.

The Matrix Concept of Dr. Randoll concentrates on the level of cell-biological regulation:


Physiological Foundations

The extracellular Matrix is the medium in which the cell lives!

The first cells were formed in the primordial ocean. Single-celled organisms exchanged substances with this boundless ocean practically without any changes occurring in its physical characteristics (electrolytes, minerals, acid-base parameters, temperature, trace elements etc.)

Zelle_StoffaustauschThe cells of the human body “bathe” in the extracellular fluid, whose volume is smaller than the cellular volume.


Video Microscopy

Kapillarblut im Vital-Video-Mikroskop: Erythrozyten und Granulozyten in Aktion

Capillary blood as seen with a video microscope: erythrocytes and granulocytes in action

Thanks to the constant development and improvement of scientific instruments such as video microscopes, it is now possible to study living cells in their real environment, instead of observing dead, dyed cells.