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First Thursday of every month we offer personalized trainings in small groups.

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Dates for 2021 (January – June): Intensive Anwendungspraxis – monatliche Termine(PDF)

3rd Interdisciplinary Seminar

Anatomy of the pelvic girdle and lower extremity

From the pelvic girdle to the ankle – anatomy, biomechanics, nerve and vascular supply – in focus: the therapeutic consequences – Adobe Stock

Date: 14. – 15. November 2020

Speakers: Prof. Dr. rer. nat. med. habil Rainer Breul DO h.c. und Dr. med Ulrich Randoll

The seminar language is German.

Here you will find the detailed program and the registration form (PDF).


Effect of matrix rhythm therapy in Diabetic foot ulcer healing: A Case Report

Author: Varun Naik, Chandra Bahadur Khatri, Ganesh BR, Department of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Physiotherapy, KAHER’s Institute of Physiotherapy, Belagavi, Karnataka, India.


Diabetic foot ulcer is one of the major complications following diabetes. In India, 15% of diabetic patient develop DFU once in their lifetime. Neuropathy associated with diabetes is a major factor in development of foot ulcer in such patients. Infection, peripheral arterial diseases, altered functions of white blood cells, stem cells and regenerating tissues and co-morbidities lead to delayed wound healing. Matrix rhythm therapy is a recent advancement in the field of Physiotherapy. It provides external oscillation that activates normal rhythm of cell that is between 8-12 Hz which improves cellular function within cell and extracellular matrix, enhancing tissue healing.

A 70 year female presented with infected diabetic foot ulcer on her right foot in out-patient department of KLE hospital. She had non-healing ulcer since one and half months and undergone conservative treatment of wound care along with strategies of diabetic foot care.


Chronic Lateral Epicondylitis

Effectiveness of MET vs. MaRhyThe in Individuals with Chronic Lateral Epicondylitis: A randomized clinical trial

Author: Varun Naik, Rutuja A. Phadke, Pote Patil Aishwarya Vikrant, KAHER Institute of Physiotherapy, Belagavi.


Background: Lateral Epicondylitis is the tendinosis of the extensor musculature of the forearm that has their common origin from the lateral epicondyle of the humerus due to angioblastic degeneration. The study aimed to determine and
compare the effectiveness of MET and MaRhyThe in individuals with chronic lateral epicondylitis concerning pain, grip strength, and function.

Matrix Rhythm Therapy (MaRhyThe®) in Trismus

Effect of Matrix Rhythm Therapy (MaRhyThe®) in Trismus – A Case Series

Author: Varun Naik, Physiotherapist, KLE University´s Institut of Physiotherapy, Belagavi, Karnataka, India.

Restrictions in jaw movements

One of the patients: A 33 years old female who developed restrictions in jaw moments reported after 1 month of a root canal treatment.


Interview with Dr. Anushree Phansalkar about her expriences

Dr. Anushree Phansalkar is a practising physiotherapist of Shree clinik in Pune, India. She was first introduced to Matrix Rhythm Therapy in 2011 where she first met Dr. Ulrich Randoll at a physiotherapy conference. But it was a own personal problem which made her completly believe in the Matrix Concept.


International Online Seminar

International Webinar on Understanding Pain & Restricted Mobility According to Matrix Concept,

DPU Dr. D.Y. Patil College of Physiotherapy, Pune

Date: 5th August 2020

Speaker: Dr. Ulrich Randoll

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Matrix Workshop Ischia 2021

The Matrix Workshop 2020 will be postponed to 2021! The exact date will be published shortly.

In Giardini Poseidon Terme Ischia

It’s that time again – a week of intensive workshops and exchange of experiences with other practical matrix rhythm therapists and clinicians.

Here you will find the program and details about participation and travel information – in German Language. (PDF)

Effectiveness of Matrix Rhythm Therapy for Frozen Shoulder

Effectiveness of Matrix Rhythm Therapy for Frozen Shoulder in Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema Patient: A Case Report

Author: Dr. T.V. Gnanasekar (CLT, OR), Physiotherapist, Grace Physiotherapy and Rehab Center, India.

Effects of MaRhyThe in Plantar Fasciitis

Effects of Matrix Rhythm Therapy (MaRhyThe) in Plantar Fasciitis – An Experimental Study

MaRhyThe-Treatment with Matrixmobil

Author: Varun Naik, Mohit Singh
Department of Cardiovascular Pulmonary Physiotherapy, KAHER Institute of Physiotherapy, Belagavi, Karnataka, India (weiterlesen…)