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The Matrix Concept in Practice

The Matrix Concept was initially developed on the basis of clinically-oriented fundamental research carried out by Dr. Randoll at the University of Erlangen, Germany in the period 1989-1997.

From the standpoint of the Matrix Concept, illnesses arise on the cell biological level, as processes which have become derailed, i.e. have gone “off track”. Matrix Rhythm Therapy aims at restoring the normal physiological conditions above all by improving the basic “logistics” of the cells. This is the precondition for the body’s natural self-organizing and self-healing processes to function effectively, leading back to healthy, symptom-free functioning of the organism. One might call it “cell-biological quality management”.

Leben besteht aus Prozessen. Selbst Formen und Strukturen sind, solange sie lebendig sind, änderbar. Darauf begründet sich die Potenzialität jeder Heilung

Life consists of processes. As long as they belong to a living process, all forms and structures can change. This is the basis for the healing potential of any therapy.

Since 1998 a large number of holistically-thinking medical service providers have been applying the Matrix Concept in daily clinical practice. One of the basic pillars of the Matrix Concept is Matrix Rhythm Therapy. The Matrix Concept is used by therapists in many areas, including doctors, physical therapists, dentists, practitioners of alternative medicine, ergotherapists, medical massage therapists, and even speech therapists.

The experience of individual therapists in their daily practice can be very helpful for other therapists. We promote interdisciplinary exchanges and assist providers of medical services in utilizing holistic therapy concepts. Among other things we do this through documentation of case histories, through workshops, and by providing information and therapy recommendations for specific indications.