Current Topics related to Matrix Workshop

For your information and to keep you updated we made a number of short interviews with the lecturers prior to the Matrix-Workshop.

During the workshop (from 23rd till 28th of September) we will continue to do so – so please follow our news coverage from Ischia.

Please find here some short interviews where the speakers talked about their topics

Keywords: lymphatic and glymphatic systems, fascia in our organism, evidence in physiotherapy, natural rhythmic flow …


Advanced Trainings in Matrix Center Munich

First Thursday of every month we offer personalized trainings in small groups.

With max. 6 participants

Dates for 2018 (July till December): Intensive Anwendungspraxis – monatliche Termine(PDF)

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DRI-Themenheft-0-EN-500pxThe first publication of the Dr. Randoll Institute: The Principles of Matrix Rhythm Therapy – MaRhyThe

The 32-page booklet presents the development of Matrix Rhythm Therapy (weiterlesen…)

Training Courses & Workshops

We organize training courses, seminars and workshops with Dr. Randoll and his lecturing colleagues. The latest dates and programs are given here, together with information concerning registration.


Non-Profit Institute

Beginning in 1998 a number of research projects were carried out, which produced important scientific results and insights concerning the Matrix Concept. In 2013 the Dr. Randoll Institute was founded as a non-profit organization.

The Institute is devoted to continuing the research work already begun, to disseminating its results and integrating knowledge derived from Matrix Research into therapeutic praxis, in the interest of the common good. (weiterlesen…)

A Therapy Concept for the 21st Century

In 2013 Dr. Randoll published his basic book about the Matrix Concept and the scientific foundations of Matrix Rhythm Therapy. (weiterlesen…)

The Matrix – The Foundation for Life

The human being is a complex system made up of approximately 70 trillion cells. Each of the cells is surrounded by the extracellular matrix. All communication and transport of substances between the cells, takes place via the matrix. There is no transit route to or from a cell which does not pass through this medium. The extracellular matrix pervades the entire body.