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How Matrix Rhythm Therapy (MaRhyThe) Works

Vom Ruhetremor bis zum Muskelzittern synchronisiert die Muskulatur unterschiedlich intensiv und sorgt so für die physiologische Lymphdrainage sowie den venösen Blutfluss

From the so-called physiological tremor to muscle trembling, the musculature synchronizes its vibrations in a more or less intensive manner, thereby maintaining the microcirculation of blood and lymph drainage.

The therapeutic action of Matrix Rhythm Therapy is based on the vibratory behavior of the skeletal musculature and its characteristic frequency/amplitude spectrum. Although the heart muscle does the main work in the overall circulation of blood, down to the smallest capillaries, the action of the heart must be supplemented by additional mechanisms in order to insure an adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cells as well as the removal of metabolic end-products from tissue.


The Scientific Principles of Matrix Rhythm Therapy

In biologischen Systemen gibt es immer nur Frequenz-Bereiche. Keine Festfrequenzen. Diese Variabilität ermöglicht Anpassung und ist für den Organismus überlebenswichtig.

Living systems never have rigidly fixed frequencies, but only frequency regions. This variability permits the system to constantly adjust and adapt itself – an ability which is vital to the survival of the organism.

Rhythmic actions such as the heartbeat or brain waves for example, act on living processes like the director of an orchestra. These rhythms are coupled to directed motions of the fluid which surrounds the individual cells. Healthy tissues are characterized by certain specific frequencies of the rhythms which organize their internal processes.


The Matrixmobil

The Extended Arm of the Therapist

Observations of physiological rhythms together with measurements carried out on the musculature in connection with various symptoms, led in a logical way to the development of Matrix Rhythm Therapy as a treatment method whose action conforms to Nature. It led further to the creation of the Matrixmobil as a medical therapeutic device. (weiterlesen…)

Areas of Application of Matrix Rhythm Therapy (MaRhyThe)

Mobilisation des Sehnenbereichs, des M. Trapezius und M. Latissimus dorsi

Mobilization of the region of the tendons of the M. Trapezius und M. Latissimus dorsi

Matrix Rhythm Therapy is used both for therapy and for diagnosis. It concerns all chronic illnesses that originate from disturbances in the microcirculation and in the temporal basis of the organism, i.e. its rhythm-based regulation processes.

It can help all people affected by damage to the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system. In particular, Matrix Rhythm Therapy can be used for the following purposes:


Who Uses MaRhyThe?

MaRhyThe_TherapeutensucheA large number of holistically thinking, system-oriented medical service providers have successfully integrated Matrix Rhythm Therapy into their treatment concepts — including doctors, physical therapists, dentists, practitioners of alternative medicine, ergotherapists, medical massage therapists and clinics.

Starting with Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Matrix Rhythm Therapy is used today in 28 countries around the world.

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