Interview with Dr. Anushree Phansalkar about her expriences

Dr. Anushree Phansalkar is a practising physiotherapist of Shree clinik in Pune, India. She was first introduced to Matrix Rhythm Therapy in 2011 where she first met Dr. Ulrich Randoll at a physiotherapy conference. But it was a own personal problem which made her completly believe in the Matrix Concept.


Matrix Rhythm Therapy in Sports Medicine

Dr. Mutlu Gürsoy is a sports physician in Izmir, Turkey. He is practising more than 30 years, particularly in professional football, field-and-track athletes, surfing, and other fields.

In his practice he uses Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy particularly in osteitis pubis and muscle disorders, also in degenerative problems of the ligaments.

At international Matrix Congress 2019 he gave a speech about Matrix Rhythm Therapy in Sports Medicine. He brought with him Can Yeşilpınar WPA World Champion in weightlifting, who spoke also about his experiences with matrix rhythm therapy. (weiterlesen…)

Matrix Rhythm Therapy in India

Anil Deshpande is since 2009 the representative for MaRhyThe in India. Until now he introduced Matrix Rhythm Therapy by Dr. Ulrich Randoll to more than 250 Therapists. With amazing results.

In this video he explaines how it all started, developed and what he thinks for the future.

Mr Deshpande has a tireless dedication to spread the Matrix Concept and the Matrix Rhythm Therapy in his country: this is because he sees Testimonial after Testimonial, this is because he observes experiences with bedridden people, with chronic conditions, with acute conditions. People who have been still in pain after multiple surgeries – and are now not. For Mr Anil Despande Matrix Rhythm Therapy is the solution for the people of today. (weiterlesen…)

Multiple Sklerose und Matrix-Rhythmus-Therapie

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Ayurverda and Matrix Rhythm Therapy

Dr. Sowkhya Sagare is an Ayurvedacharma, a physiotherapist and a Matrix Rhythm Therapist. She has a very unique clinic in Sangli, India: Ayush Holistic Ayurvedic Treatment and Rehabilitation Center.

In this clinic she combines Matrix treatments with traditional Panchakarma treatments and ayurvedic treatments, as well as physiotherapy techniques when the patients come for disease purposes such as back pain. In her opinion Matrix Rhythm Therapy fits Ayurveda very well. It can purify the body biologically, restore the physiological balance and can reverse the underlying pathology.


Änderungen in der Physiotherapie

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Interview with Dr. Harish Kumar about his Experiences

Dr. Harish Kumar, Physiotherapist from Mylapore, was one of the speakers at International Matrix Congress 2019. His talk was about “Effect of MaRhyThe for Hashimotos encephalopathy”.

In this interview he tells what impact Matrix Rhythm Therapy had to his clinic. He also talks also about how important it is to educate and talk with the patient during the treatment with Matrix Rhythm Therapy.


From Diabetic ulcers to restrictred mobilities

Experiences with Matrix Rhythm Therapy

Dr. Sandeep Bhagwat is one of the first physiotherapists in India to introduce Matrix Rhythm Therapy. He has a vast experience using Matrix Rhythm Therapy in his clinical practice. He is also a certified Matrix Rhythm Therapy Trainer by Dr. Ulrich Randoll.

In his video he talks about his own skepsis in the beginning and how a diabetic ulcer who was already scheduled for surgery changed his view completely.

Since then he has treated many so called non-healing ulcers and orthopeadic surgeons now also refer to him patients with sport injuries and restricted mobilities.


A detailed synopsis of the 22. International Matrix-Workshop

A detailed synopsis of the 22. International Matrix-Workshop in Izmir, Turkey from Mai 25th to June 1st, 2019. (weiterlesen…)

MaRhyThe® Applications in Pilates/Myofascial Release

Izmir, 26.05.2019 | Presenter: Roberta Trzebinski

The Magic Wand

MaRhyThe® Applications in Pilates/Myofascial Release

Roberta Trzebinski

Roberta Trzebinski is a teacher / personal trainer in Pilates and in Myofascial Release, a form of therapy that arose from osteopathy and focuses on the treatment of the connective tissue and especially the fascia.

For it was first of all her own experience, which brought Roberta Trzebinski to the Matrix Rhythm Therapy. After her own experiences as a patient she has integrated Matrix Rhythm Therapy into her practice.