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Ayurverda and Matrix Rhythm Therapy

Dr. Sowkhya Sagare is an Ayurvedacharma, a physiotherapist and a Matrix Rhythm Therapist. She has a very unique clinic in Sangli, India: Ayush Holistic Ayurvedic Treatment and Rehabilitation Center.

In this clinic she combines Matrix treatments with traditional Panchakarma treatments and ayurvedic treatments, as well as physiotherapy techniques when the patients come for disease purposes such as back pain. In her opinion Matrix Rhythm Therapy fits Ayurveda very well. It can purify the body biologically, restore the physiological balance and can reverse the underlying pathology.


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“Because of these things we are able to detoxify the body very soon. We are getting the results very quickly”, says Dr. Sowkhya. “By removing the toxins, the immunity power increases.”

At Matrix Congress 2019 in Turkey she presented an amazing case of non healing wound.  To see her case study about wound healing with Matrix Rhythm Therapy at a case of failed skin graft surgery: Cell-Biological Regulation based on the Matrix Concept