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Spiraldynamik® intelligent movement and the connections to Matrix Rhythm Therapy

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Ischia, 25.9.2018 | Speakers: Nikolaus Färber und Medea Ludwig

Spiraldynamik® intelligent movement and the connections to Matrix Rhythm Therapy

Nikolaus Färber and Medea Ludwig

After a basic introduction to the principles of Spiraldynamics®, they demonstrated with examples how to use both therapies in their practices:

  1. Diagnosis (observe, examine, measure)
  2. Treatment (matrix rhythm therapy and 3-D manual)
  3. Active Practice (Matrix Rhythm Therapy and 3-D Movement)

Central goal of  Spiraldynamik®:

  • See and understand motion intelligence
  • Realize and enforce application potential

Central goal of Matrix Rhythm Therapy:

  • Enable movement through rhythmic micro-mobilization at the cellular level


  • Natural organization of the body
  • Self-healing
  • Resilience

The Matrixmobil is in their opinion a voice instrument, for

  • the cell rhythm
  • the cell milieu (acid-base balance)
  • balanced interaction between sympathetic and parasympathetic
  • The gel sol ratio (optimum viscosity of the liquid in the ECM)
  • the heat balance

Medea Ludwig:

Bones are just spacers from the tissue

It is worthwhile for the movement work first to solve the raisins (hardening in the tissue). Then it is easier to work on the coordination of movements, in the spirit of Spiraldynamik®. As Aristotle said, the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

Nikolaus Färber:

We operate too fast. You can develop strategies yourself, to do something. I always find the reaction of young people with X- or O-legs impressive when I put them in front of the mirror after treatment with Spiraldynamik® and they see that they have straight legs.

The key to treating shoulder injuries is to realize that there are two different joints for treatment. Scapula to thorax and scapula to upper arm.

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