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Speakers Spiraldynamik: Nikolaus Färber und Medea Ludwig

The speakers will introduce Spiraldynamik® – a body instruction leaflet. With demonstrative examples and practical exercises, they will demonstrate the connections, similarities and complementary factors with Matrix Rhythm Therapy.

Nikolaus Färber und Medea Ludwig

Nikolaus Färber, Head Physiotherapist of Spiraldynamic ® Practice in Günzburg, started his professional career with a diploma in engineering. After ten years as an electrical engineer, he followed his interest in the human body and pursued his training as a physiotherapist. For four years he worked as physiotherapist in neurological rehabilitation at the district hospital in Günzburg. In 2008 he started his own practice, two years later, Tony Rausch, a physiotherapist he knew at the hospital, joined him as a partner. Today their practice has ten employees. The focus of Färber’s practice is Spiraldynamic ® intelligent movement, manual therapy and Bobath. Because of the experience of both practice owners in neurological diseases, they also cooperate with surrounding neurological clinics. Nikolaus Färber is also a lecturer of Tai Chi and Qigong. For the past year, he has been offering Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy in his practice. Together with Medea Ludwig, he will put theory into practice at the 21st International Matrix Workshop and demonstrate how Spiraldynamic ® and Matrix Rhythm Therapy complement each other.

Medea Ludwig, a state certified gymnastics teacher, has been teaching Spiraldynamik® as a leitmotif at beWEGT Bewegungspädagogische Akademie. Just to give a few examples of her credentials: she is a lecturer for Spiraldynamik Akademie in Zurich, at DgymB (German Association for Excercise Professionals), the Association Forum Healthy Back and other organizations throughout Germany and in Switzerland.
Medea Ludwig works in private sessions with patients, who have mobility restrictions, so they can experience the joy of movement again. She also works with professional athletes who want to improve their coordination. In additional she conducts group trainings and advanced trainings in Spiraldynamik®. Matrix Rhythm Therapy has been a vital part of her work since 2016. In her experience, she has found Matrix Rhythm Therapy to be a vibrant accelerator for movement work. In cases of restricted mobility, Matrix Rhythm Therapy will make hard and tense muscles movable and coordination possible again. In her opinion, MaRhyThe® is a logical complement to Spiraldynamik®. In the Matrix Workshop she will give a lecture with physiotherapist, Nikolaus Färber, about „Spiraldynamik® – intelligent movement and her connection to Matrix Rhythm Therapy in theory and practice “.

Mrs. Ludwig, Mr. Färber please tell us something about the content of your presentation:

Medea Ludwig:

Of course, we will introduce Spiraldynamik® to the participants of Matrix Workshop. But more importantly we will show the connections to Matrix Rhythm Therapy, the commonalities of both therapies. We will also focus on the complementary factors of Spiraldynamik® and Matrix Rhythm Therapy.

Nikolaus Färber:

Christian Larsen, the founder of Spiraldynamik® intelligent movement, who was present at the last Matrix Workshop told us that the participants love to work with the practical and like to see the practical implementation. This is why we will always have practical parts during our theoretical part. To begin with, we show Spiraldynamik® as a body instruction leaflet. With Spiraldynamik® you use your body like evolution meant it to be used.

Medea Ludwig:

To give you an example, we will show the participants right away in our lecture what we can do with Spiraldynamik® to make it feelable. We believe the therapists can achieve that right away. We both look forward to that part and are very excited about what the therapists will have to say about it.

Nikolaus Färber:

One of the good things about Spiraldynamik® is that you can implement it right away in your daily life. We will show the participants on the big joints: shoulders, pelvis and hips, how we can apply both therapies–Matrix Rhythm Therapy and Spiraldynamik® in combination. We will first show it in our theory part and will then later in the afternoon practice this intensively.

Medea Ludwig:

Dr. Ulrich Randoll wrote in his book that Matrix Rhythm Therapy is like tuning a musical instrument. Take an orchestra for example, there is not just one musical instrument. An orchestra has many instruments. If all of these musical instruments are our muscles and are in tune with the help of Matrix Rhythm Therapy, then they all work in harmony like the instruments of an orchestra. Timing, sound, cooperation, harmony – this is where Spiraldynamic® contributes like a conductor.

I also look forward in finding out how other therapists apply Matrix Rhythm Therapy. For myself, I hardly work on a massage table. I work with movement, on the floor, in the room, with the standing leg.

Nikolaus Färber:

This is also something which we will show in the practical part: Using Matrixmobil while moving with Spiraldynamik®.

Medea Ludwig:

I also look forward to our lecture together. This will be the first time Nikolaus Färber and I work together.

Nikolaus Färber:

I already have enjoyed tremendously our teamwork while preparing the talk. I look forward to further exchanges among us.


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