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Therapy for the matrix


Many illnesses – for example diabetes mellitus, chronic pain, diseases of the  musculoskeletal system  — can be explained in terms of a derailment of cell processes and their extracellular environment. It makes sense, on this biological background, to apply a multilayered approach to the therapy of complex systems.

The Matrix Concept of Dr. Randoll concentrates on the level of cell-biological regulation:

  • Functional disorders are treated by a rhythmic, deep-acting stimulation of the metabolism of connective tissue (Matrix Rhythm Therapy)
  • Stimulating the metabolism of each cell (Matrix Infrared Hyperthermia)
  • Increasing the oxygen supply to the cells (Oxygen Therapy)
  • Restoring the quality of nutrient supply to the extracellular matrix by promoting de-acidification (orthomolecular and nutritional therapy)
  • Coaching: What the patient can do to change his/her present living situation and biographical attitude.