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The Matrixmobil

The Extended Arm of the Therapist

Observations of physiological rhythms together with measurements carried out on the musculature in connection with various symptoms, led in a logical way to the development of Matrix Rhythm Therapy as a treatment method whose action conforms to Nature. It led further to the creation of the Matrixmobil as a medical therapeutic device. The working head of the Matrixmobil – the resonator – functions so-to-speak as the extended arm of the therapist. First the resonator is used to determine the elasticity of the tissue and to detect hardenings. In the following step the therapist applies the Matrixmobil in combination with professional haptic skills and anatomical knowledge, to restore derailed tissue processes.

Matrixmobil fungiert als der verlängerte Arm des Therapeuten

The Matrixmobil functions as the extended arm of the therapist.

How does this work? At the outset the Matrixmobil is placed on the skin. The trained therapist uses the specially-shaped resonator head to propagate phase-synchronized mechanical vibrations and vibrating magnetic fields deep into the body tissue.

The therapist treats the musculature in its various layers using resonant vibrations in the relevant physiological range. The frequency is modulated between 8 and 12 Hz. In this process asymmetrical tissue pressures are generated which simulate a pump/suction effect. The nerve endings are stimulated and the entire tissue rhythmically resynchronized.

The Matrixmobil is a Class IIa medical device. Further information on the Matrixmobil can be found on the homepage of the manufacturer.