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Systemic Matrix Rhythm Therapy

Izmir, 26.05.2019 | Presenter: Dr. med. Ulrich Randoll

Update Matrix-Konzept

From Symptom to Systemic Matrix Rhythm Therapy
Ottoman Health Houses/Sifahane; Turkish Bathing Tradition, Wellness & Prevention with Matrix Rhythm Therapy

Dr. med. Ulrich Randoll

“When life is a process, disease is a disturbance of the process” said Dr. Ulrich Randoll in his talk which started the 22. International Matrix Congress at Ilica Thermal Hotel in Cesme, Izmir, Turkey.

The Matrix Concept has proven to be the key for microcirculation. This statement was substantiated by attending therapists. They briefly introduced themselves and their work.  The eight short speeches impressively demonstrated how much the integration of the application of matrix-rhythm therapy influences and alters the therapeutic work.


Dr. Ulrich Randoll at his opening speach at 22 International Matrix Congress

Dr. Ulrich Randoll in his talk “From Symptom to Systemic Matrix Rhythm Therapy”

Systemic Matrix Rhythm Therapy has proven key to microcirculation

The Matrix Concept:

  • It is the Basis for regenerative medicine as a part of modern biomedicine, to develop treatments without side effects.
  • Systemic concept based on cell biology and actual Systems Theory.
  • Systems Theory is focusing not the dead structures but the processes in-between the parameters of the system; looking for function and interaction.
  • Focusing the time pattern (process and rhythm) and space pattern (matter) in living systems.
  • Concept to regulate the “healer within” with constructive bio-information from outside to activate the resources of regeneration
  • With physiological rhythms/vibrations (frequency window of 8 -12 Hz) we readapt physiological processes.


“When there is a delta between the rhythm we apply and the rhythm within – then we need entrainment”, Dr Randoll explained in his speech.

He also focused on the fact that relaxation is an individual thing. “The way we relax is totally individual. We need to integrate this into nowadays medicine again. Not everyone is relaxed through meditation. It doesn’t matter how we relaxe, it matters that we relaxe.”

“Life is a regulation between mind, consciousness and awareness. Life is a regulation of elasticity”, said Dr Randoll. He also emphasized that although when we get older the regulation ability of the body decreases, but not mind, awareness and consciousness. “This has the chance to be increased everyday by the owner!”

When we get older the regulation capacity of the physical body decreases – but not so the mind, awareness and consiousness.


“Regenerative medicine: same goes for a farmer as for a healer – we just prepare the ground. As Matrix Rhythm Therapist we only optimize the elasticity of the muscle”, said Dr. Randoll.

At the end of his speech he told the audience why we meet here in Ilica (which means warm water) for the Matrix Congress and why he chooses always these special places in the world. “Ottoman Health houses, Thalasso- and Thermaltherapy have a long tradition in Turkey”, he said “There is a reason why. Thermal water is the spring of life for re-creation. Take every chance during the congress to use it.”

He thanked Dr. Mustafa Ersin for the suggestion of this wonderful place and thanked him and Sema Randoll for the perfect organization.