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The Matrix – The Foundation for Life

Fische im Wasser
The cells surrounded by the extracellular matrix are like fish in water; both depend on the state and quality of the fluid around them

The human being is a complex system made up of approximately 70 trillion cells. Each of the cells is surrounded by the extracellular matrix. All communication and transport of substances between the cells, takes place via the matrix. There is no transit route to or from a cell which does not pass through this medium. The extracellular matrix pervades the entire body.

Living cells depend upon the special environment in which they have developed and to which they have become adapted, like fish in water. This applies both to single-celled organisms as well as to the cells which form the tissues and organs of our body. For this reason, the state and quality of the extracellular medium plays a key role in our health.

Staying with the metaphor of the fish: the cells are immersed in the fluid of the extracellular matrix like fish in water. This is where the logistics — the supply of vital substances to the cells and removal of cellular wastes — take place. Thus the well-being of each cell depends on the matrix, just as the well-being of the fish depends on the quality of the water in which it is swimming.

These considerations dictate the importance of focusing therapy on the “habitat” in which the body’s cells live. You can find more information on the page: Matrix Concept.