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The Matrix Concept

Das Buch zum Matrix-Konzept

Fundamentals of Matrix Rhythm Therapy
by  Dr. med. Ulrich G. Randoll

Medicine of the 21st Century

Current research in the natural sciences and medicine are combined with historical background, empirical and traditional knowledge into a “New Thinking”. The result is to radically transform our ideas and models in many areas, including practical medicine. On the basis of an analysis of the present situation in medical science and public health, the book points the way to a new understanding of health and illness.

The Matrix Concept was developed on the basis of modern medical and biological research. According to this concept, illnesses are viewed as derailed processes on the cell-biological level. The Matrix Concept has led to Matrix Rhythm Therapy, which aims to improve the “logistics” of the cells by restoring the necessary physiological conditions. In this way symptoms can be eliminated by self-organizing regenerative processes. The mechanism of “entrainment” is exploited to activate and restore the rhythmical organization of body processes. The approach can be viewed as a kind of “cell-biological quality management.

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