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Case Studies and News from India

Rubrikbild News vom Matrix-Workshop 2018

Ischia, 26.9.2018 | Speakers: Anil Deshpande, Dr. Sandeep Bhagwat, Dr. Meenakshi Pandit, Dr. Varun Naik, Dr. Harish Kumar, Dr. Aarti Prasad

Matrix Health Partner in India – Overview and case studies

Representatives for Matrix Health Partner and Matrix Rhythm Therapy in India who presented on September 26th 2018 case studies on 21 International Matrix Congress in Ischia, Italy

From right to left:

  • Aarti Prasad, Physiotherapist, Instructor for MaRhyThe®, Head of Dept. For Physiotherapist, Ramkrishna Super Speciality Hospital, Bangalore
  • Sandeep Bhagwat, Physiotherapist, Instructor for MaRhyThe®, Niramay Rehab Clinic, Solapur
  • Meenakshi Pandit, Physiotherapist, Instructor for MaRhyThe®, Fulcrum Physiotherapy Clinic, Pune
  • Anil Deshpande, Director International Medical Technologies, Official Representative for MaRhyThe India, Mumbai
  • Varun Naik, Physiotherapist, Assistant Professor KAHER Institute for Physiotherapy, Karnataka, Instructor for MaRhyThe®, Consulting Physiotherapist Niramay Physiotherapy Center, Belagavi
  • Harish Kumar, Physiotherapist, Ergonomist, Bookauthor, Sai Health Care Foundation, Mylapore, Chennai

They presented:

  • Overview of MaRhyThe® in India
  • Scientific case studies published
  • Successful treated cases
  • Clinical reports
  • Video-Testimonials from Patients
  • Overview of academic studies in progress

9 years Matrix Rhythm Therapy in India

Dr. Ulrich Randoll officially welcomes Anil Deshpande and his group of practitioners in Ischia and congratulates him on his work and success in the last 9 years for Matrix Rhythm Therapy in India where up to date more than 1000 participants where introduced to Matrix Rhythm Therapy

Anil Deshpande

Anil Deshpande

Anil Deshpande, Director International Medical Industries, authorized representative for Matrix Rhythm Therapy India who resides in Mumbai gave an impressive overview of the development in India in the last 9 years as well as figures and facts about India and its colorful diversity and how Matrix Rhythm Therapy is in his opinion great to solve problems of the 21st century due to westernization such as diabetes, stress, heart deseases, hormon imbalances. His vision which is shared by his accompanying instructors and fellow Matrix Health Partners India is to spread the rhythm.

Thank you Dr. Randoll for your research on the rhythm of cells and also inventing Matrix Rhythm Therapy for the good health

Matrix Rhythm Therapy is the only therapy available to regulate the rhythm of cells, the basic necessity for it’s function

Dr. Sandeep Bhagwat

  • Master of Physiotherapy
  • Director Niramay Rehab Clinic, Solapur
  • Physiotherapist Teacher
  • Matrix Health Partner
  • MaRhyThe® Basic Instructor

He is one of the first physiotherapists in India who decided to integrate Matrix Rhythm Therapy in his physiotherapy clinic. He started with Matrix Rhythm Therapy in 2009, became an instructor for MaRhyThe® in 2014 and has until now over 1000 successful treated cases.

Dr. Sandeep Bhagwat’s first case after establishing Matrix Rhythm Therapy in his clinic Niramay Rehab, Solapur, was a non-healing ulcer. Since this successful treated case he have had numerous cases with ulcers and became an expert on ulcer treatments with MaRhyThe®

In his presentation at Matrix Congress 2018 in Ischia he showed the audience his 50 most successful cases.

It all started with a non-healing ulcer, followed by lots of non-healing ulcers including ulcer at finger tips, frozen shoulder, diabetic foot, improved hand-writing, osteitis, stiff spine, restricted mobilities, pain after molar extractions, traumas, crush injuries, fractures, Parkinson desease, periarthrities, adhesive capsulities, avascular necrosis of femoral head, knee flexion deformity septic arthritis, pedal oedema, Lymphoedeme, radial nerve pulsy and more. Among his patients is also Hrutica, national diving champion and now an ambassador for Matrix Rhythm Therapy, who won the day before 3 gold medals and Tejuswini Sawaut, shooting champion.

With Matrix Rhythm Therapy it is now possible to deliver specific frequency at the celluar level to produce a macroscopic change as compared to other modalities till date

The Matrix concept, the philosophy is so perfect you can test it with anything for example here Radial Nerve Pulsy. After the Matrix Rhythm Therapy treatment you see a full range of motion, full extension of the arm. Macroscopically visible.

You have to believe in the concept, trust, and have to apply your best

Dr. Meenakshi Pandit

  • Chiropractor and Physiotherapist
  • Director of Fulcrum Physiotherapy Clinic in Pune
  • Physiotherapist Teacher
  • Matrix Health Partner
  • MaRhyThe® Basic Instructor

She is Matrix Rhythm Therapist since 2011 and instructor since 2015. In recent years she represents Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy on national and international conferences. In 2016 she won the price as best physiotherapist teacher at Physicon Conference in Srinagar for introducing „Matrix Rhythm Therapy – a non invasive therapy for Pain and Restricted Mobility“. She also holds workshops on Matrix Rhythm Therapy for students at prestigious Dr. D Y Patil College of Physiotherapy in Pune. Among her grateful patients are singer Kriti Shiledar, cricket player Mark Wood and Dr. Swanand Gholap.

Dr. Meenakshi Pandit showed at her presentation at International Matrix congress 2018 in Ischia that Matrix Rhythm Therapy works in a way that it regulates the disturbances at all levels. She showed many cases and also gave an insight into her latest studies. Among her grateful patients are singer Kriti Shiledar and cricket player Mark Wood

She presented several sucessfull case studies where she showed the audience with pictures how Matrix worked on

  • Scoliosis
  • Venous stasis dermatitits
  • Right upper trapezius trigger
  • Breast cancer
  • Restricted shoulder mobilities
  • Clavicle + PA Shoulder
  • Fractures
  • Shoulder pain
  • Torticolis
  • Hamstring release

Dr. Pandit also started several research studies on Matrix Rhythm Therapy which are in various stages of getting published. One is Brain Mapping Study where she wants to proof that after applying just 5 Minutes of Matrix people get into reset and alpha rhythm.

The therapy has combined the whole phenomenon of movements, flow and environment together in such a way that it regulates the disturbances at all the levels.

Most of the patients I have treated so far with Matrixmobil they came to me after 1, 2, 3, 4 years of trying everything

Dr. Varun Naik

  • Physiotherapist (KLE Academy of Higher Education & Research)
  • Assistant Professor (KAHER Institute of Physiotherapy, Belagavi, Karnataka
  • Consulting Physiotherapist, Niramay Physiotherapy Center, Belagavi
  • Matrix Health Partner
  • MaRhyThe® Basic Instructor since 2015

Dr. Varun Naik gave in his presentation an overview about all the studies he has brought on the way and which are in various stages of being published. 2015 when he was first introduced to Matrix Rhyhm Therapy all people were asking him was „Is there a study done to proof it?“ – That is one of the reasons why he was interested in staging studies and he assured the audience that the numbers in the studies will indeed attest it.

After his presentation about his scientific approach to Matrix Rhythm Therapy and his current patient cases Dr. Varun Naik, Assistant Professor at KAHER Institute of Physiotherapy, answered questions of the expert audience. He encouraged the therapists to do experimental studies because the outcome will be worldwide credited

He also showed some of his cases which he presented academically with before-and-after pictures. In the end he showed a video-testimonial of one of his patients – a young woman who got severly insured by an accident where she had numerous fractures and was laying in pain and agony. The work with his patient was going on for a year and now she is able to walk again, can work, and even – something she loves to do – dance.

Various studies in progress

  • Migraine
  • Plantar fascitis
  • Low back pain
  • Frozen Shoulder

As I started with Matrix in 2015 everybody did ask me about research papers. Well, I did some research papers and if it is working the numbers will show it

Now having done serveral studies, which are in process of being published, I can say: Matrix Rhythm Therapy is working – the numbers show it

Dr. Harish Kumar

  • Physiotherapist and Ergonomist
  • Direktor of Sai Health Care Foundation, Mylapore, Chennai
  • Bookauthor
  • Certified Matrix Rhythm Therapist
  • Matrix Health Partner


Dr. Harish Kumar showed in his presentation at International Matrix Workshop in Ischia successful treated case studies in the last fourteen month since he has established the therapy in his clinic. He thanked the instructors Sandeep, Meenakshi, Aarti and Varun for sharing their profound knowledge.

Dr. Harish Kumar, physiotherapist and ergonomist focused in his speech on what has happened in the last fourteen month in his clinic after becoming a certified Matrix Rhythm Therapist. First he emphasized that his spectrum of practise has increased and he is getting more and more testimonials from his patients. He is treating 6 to 7 patients a day, one hour treatment, on a weekly schedule. Then he introduced certain case studies: varicose veins ulcer, venous ulcer, post surgical oedema, torticollis, diabetic neuropathy, lumbago, low back pain, scoliosis and shoulder impingements and other restricted mobilities.

The spectrum of practise in my clinic has increased since implementation of Matrix Rhythm Therapy and we have avoided 90 % of surgical procedures

In my practise I see 6 to 7 patients a day. We treat them for one hour, on a weekly basis

Dr. Aarti Prasad

  • Physiotherapist
  • Head of Dept. For Physiotherapist, Ramkrishna Super Speciality Hospital, Bangalore
  • Matrix Health Partner
  • MaRhyThe® Basic Instructor

Dr. Aarti Prasad is also one of the first Matrix Rhythm Therapists in India. She started introducing Matrix Rhythm Therapy in Ramkrishna Super Speciality Hospital in 2012 and became an instructor for MaRhyThe® in 2014. Over the years with MaRhyThe® she became an expert in treatment of Frozen Shoulder, Post Traumatic Stiffness and Bell’s Palsy and treats patients with chronic pain and stiffness. But Matrix Rhythm Therapy still amazes her because it is working on cases she would not had thought of to begin with.

Dr. Aarti Prasad is also among the first therapists in India who introduced Matrix Rhythm Therapy into Ramkrishna Super Speciality Hospital in Bangalore. In her speech at the 21. International Matrix Congress she showed a case of urinary incontinence and concluded the program by having the audience up from their seats and singing „Omkar“ together.

Her latest case is a case of urinary incontinence. The patient, who was seeing quite a few physiotherapists in the US and in India was first treated  by her with physiotherapy and exercises. After no results she started with Matrix Rhythm Therapy and with a grateful video statement from her patient, who now walks to the bathroom without dripping, she concluded the speeches from the pracititoners from India.

In the very end she brought truly even more spirit of India to the audience. She let the audience get up from their chairs and chanted Omkar with all of them. Namaste!

Because of Matrix Rhythm Therapy we get the stars, we get the celebrities, we get the people with pain

I think Matrix Rhythm Therapy has become a necessary tool for physiotherapists