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Treatment of OSMF – 3 cases

Matrix Rhythm Therapy (MaRhyThe©): A Novel adjuvant treatment for OSMF- Report of 3 cases with a Brief Review

Authors: Dr. Ashiwini M, Renuka Ammanagi, Dr. Varun Naik, Dr. Tanvi Pathania, Dr. Praveena Tandradi, Dr. Sujata Byahatti, Dr. Rohini Sarnaik

Dept of Oral Medicine & Radiology MMNGHIDS & RC, KLE Institut of Physioherapy, Niramay Physiotherapy Center

Table showing clinical features and treatment details of patients


Oral submucous fibrosis (OSMF) is an irreversible, prevalent, Oral potentially pre malignant disorder (OPMD) affecting Indian population. The disease causes fibrosis which leads to restricted mouth opening. It is a chronic progressive disorder that involves the oral mucosa and occasionally the pharynx and upper third of the oesophagus. The primary aetiological agent causing the disease is arecoline a chemical present in arecanut1.The initial presentation of OSMF is inflammation which is followed by hypovascularity and fibrosis represented as blanching of the oral mucosa with a marble-like appearance.. Various treatment modalities are in use to treat OSMF mainly medical, surgical, or a combination of both but the success rate remains low. Physiotherapy interventions include ultrasound therapy, osteopathic mobilization and active physiotherapy exercises3. Despite of having these many management modalities the treatment becomes incomplete and inconclusive. A new physiotherapeutic approach using MaRhyThe which is known to improve both elasticity and microcirculation of connective tissue in other diseases was used to treat trismus in mouth opening in OSMF.

To see or download the whole Study: Matrix Rhythm Therapy (MaRhyThe©): A Novel adjuvant treatment for OSMF- Report of 3 cases with a Brief Review

Journal of Dental and Medical Research; 2021, Volume2, Issue1. pp: 01-05

Journal of Dental and Medical Research
2021, Volume 2, Issue 1, April 2021, 50-58