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East meets West – Treatment of chronic Illnesses

journal-of-the-science-jshoMatrix Rhythm Therapy and Yoga share common principles. Both place self-healing in the center of their therapeutic attention. Both emphazise the holistic nature, the balanced state, rhythm and vibrations. Please find out more about it in the newest publication “East meets West – Treatment of Chronic Illnesses”


The need for a better scientific understanding of Yoga/Ayurveda. The key role of rhythms Microvibrations, the extracellular matrix and the “logistics” of living cells. Energy, muscle relaxation and hysteresis: a discovery with farreaching implications. Matrix Rhythm Therapy and its pathways of action. Common principles of Matrix Rhythm Therapy and Yoga/Ayurveda, from traditional and modern scientific standpoints. How Matrix Rhythm Therapy can provide a missing link in the scientific understanding of Yoga Potential symbiosis of Yoga/Ayurveda and Matrix Rhythm Therapy