MaRhyThe vs. IASTM bei Vorwärtskopfhaltung und Büffelbuckel

Wirkung von MaRhyThe® versus Myofascial Mobility Tool bei weiblichen Personen mit oder ohne Nackenschmerzen mit Vorwärtskopfhaltung und Büffelbuckel – eine randomisierte klinische Studie

Autoren: Nikita Shamine Miranda, Vijay Kage
Department of Orthopaedic Physiotherapy, KAHER Institute of Physiotherapy, Belagavi, Karnataka, India

Women mith Buffolo Hump - pre post treatment

Pre-Post difference with MaRhyThe® on Buffolo Hump


Background and Objectives: Prolonged forward head posture (FHP) leads to the development of buffalo hump (BH) at the base of the posterior neck, predominantly seen in females. MaRhyThe (MRT) and myofascial mobility tool (M2T) are novel physiotherapy methods applied in various soft‑tissue disorders. A dearth of literature exists about using these methods for the treatment of BH and FHP. Hence, the aim of the present study was to compare the effects of MRT and M2T in female individuals having FHP and BH.

Materials and Methods: The study was a randomized clinical trial. Twenty female were randomly allocated to Group A (n = 10) and Group B (n = 10) who received MRT and M2T, respectively. The primary outcomes assessed included craniovertebral angle (CVA), neck circumference (NC), and skinfold measure. The secondary outcomes were cervical endurance and range of motion that were assessed on day 1 (pre) and day 10 (post). Exercise and study intervention (MRT/M2T) were given alternately for 10 days.

Results: All the primary and secondary outcome parameters analyzed at days 1 and 10 showed statistically significant results for both the study groups (P < 0.001). However, analysis between the two study groups showed no statistically significant difference for Northwick Park Neck Pain Questionnaire (P = 0.08), NC (P = 0.56), and skinfold measure (P = 0.72) except for CVA (P = 0.03).

Conclusion: Both MRT and M2T interventions were effective in reducing the BH and correction of FHP in addition to improving cervical mobility and endurance. However, MRT proved to be superior to M2T in terms of correction of FHP and reduction of the BH.

To see or download the whole Study: Effect of MaRhyThe® versus Myofascial Mobility Tool in Female individuals with or without Neck Pain Having Forward Head Posture and Buffalo Hump – A Randomized Clinical Trial

Indian Journal of Physical Therapy and Research,
2020, Volume 2, Issue 2, July-December 2020, Page No: 113-120
DOI: 10.4103/ijptr.ijptr_26_19 Web Published: 04-01-2021, available Online at: